If something on here is violating yr copyright let me know and I'll take it down.
If you want to use my text or pfotos for something that you are creating please contact me at


Skull Valley is a blog about music and art in Pittsburgh, mostly in the East End (Bloomfield, Friendship, East Liberty, etc).   It is also a blog about my solo guitar drone/noise/experimental project Satyr/Elfheim and about my record label ··—.

Photographs on this site are © R Magnelli and sound files for download are © the original band or artist, but were recorded by me as well.  If you want something reviewed you can send a copy to and I'll try my best to get the news out there.

You may use pictures or sound files from here, but please tell me about it first or send me a copy of the final product and make sure to credit me as the recorder or photographer.  If there are files of your music/poetry/whatever here and you want them to be taken down or you want a better quality version of it for your records or for release please send me a message at

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