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Balaclavas in the Cold of Post-Punk

Hey we're back!  Oh wait April Fools!  Err, this show was actually on April Fools' Day.

First Gangwish played there killer new album.  This time a female vocalist was added to their revolving membership.  She sounded good and had a cool look, but seemed really shy or maybe just didn't have vocals on each song.  There were African drum sounds and airy vocals; things were sort of tropical or maybe just more melodic and fun.  In the middle of their set things did get pretty noisy though.  The new stuff sounds great guys!

Balaclavas, from Houston, were next; they were sort of like a garage post-punk trio.  They had buried vocals and dark synths and fast guitars; everything was drenched in cavernous echos.  Balaclavas were wild and furious and pretty cool, but apparently not up to their usual level of coolness.  I thought they sounded fine, though the vocals were maybe out of tune sometimes (something was definitely a little bit off).

Finally Kim Phuc finished up the show, the frontman returning from a vicious head injury after being dropped while crowd surfing during a recent show.  Combining the charisma of Mick Jagger and the fury of the Melvins, Kim Phuc ruled.  Lots of moshing and throwing beer cans and cool pfoto opportunities for me.  It can be hard to hear the vocals sometimes with such loud guitars, but all of the energy keeps everything together.  Great stuff!