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The Curious Mystery at GA

On March 28th The Curious Mystery, from K Records territory, played Garfield Artworks with some friends of mine.  Everybody was really great.

First up was the post-punk television weirdo band South Seas Sneak featuring the same two guy team of Jordan Weeks and Greg Cislon as featured in Thin Sketch, OC Feef, and any more.  For most of their set South Seas Sneak was accompanied by a drum machine with Greg Cislon playing guitar, but occasionally he switched to drums while Jordan Weeks continued to hammer his bass.  Guitars wavered thru the pounding rhythms with little vocals other than the repeated "hey" during a song in the middle of the set.  South Seas Sneak was pretty melodic for the most part and at times the watery sound resembled Mission of Burma or Big Black, but more funky.  Always (but rarely seen) cool stuff.

Next up was the Curious Mystery with a look like the High Desert and a strange inclusion of instruments (dulcimer[?] and double-necked guitar).  They sounded like a less-gothic Doors or a messier Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.  There was the openness of the desert night over top of which floated voices of wind and ice as guitars guided the road.  A lot of Spanish sounding songs and dramatic endings and slow beginnings; things went from melancholy to hope to calm in miles per minute.  I really really liked their set and the guy on the left sort of looks like he could be in Crazy Horse.  You can listen to there stuff here.

Continuing the theme of truck driving to Roswell was finally Ivory Weeds with a cool truck drivery look.  Ivory Weeds set was like wandering through a darkened woods, fitting the mood of the rest of the show.  He played a lot of new songs filled with spooky loops and even descended into wild feedback for a minute.  Ivory Weeds brought more watery effects and made them haunted and cold.  I usually think that he tends to play things too safely, but here he didn't and it really made things a lot better because of it.  Cool stuff.