UPDATE: It has come to my attention that Brian Drusky made some serious amends about this situation. He did some personal training soon after his bad jokes, and donated to relevant causes. The entire situation seems to have had a real effect on him, as he made a positive comment about this years later. Personally, to me, it seems that he has really made amends. This is important. It's also important for this post to be updated with this information. I don't think this post should be deleted, though, because it actually shows a happy ending and a lesson learned. See Brian Drusky's update a the bottom here.

In December of 2014, local promoter Brian Drusky made a few "jokes" on his personal Facebook. These jokes were not very funny; they disregarded the protests related to the Michael Brown police brutality case. It was disgusting and came from a place of total privilege.

In response to these remarks, many musicians, people of color, and anti-Drusky (the guy doesn't exactly have a good reputation even beyond this) Pittsburghers responded with a Boycott Drusky movement. Drusky soon claimed that he did not realize that his jokes were offensive, racist, and disregarding of rights granted by the Constitution. I'm not sure how anyone would be clueless to these issues; his statements are clearly designed to offend and belittle! Drusky offered to have a community sit-in at Altar Bar. His failure to understand the meaning of the term sit-in shows his fucking ignorance about civil disobedience and the entire Civil Rights Movement.

Local comedian Davon Magwood attended the "sit-in". He returned with a golden promise from Brian Drusky that the promoter would help improve the community to right the wrongs that had been made. Many were critical of Magwood's acceptance of what they saw as an empty promise. I didn't believe Drusky's statements either; there hadn't been any time since the shitty comments, and it was impossible to tell at that moment whether actions would be done. Drusky did not see sincere.

Tomorrow, Drusky holds the Strip District Music Festival. They pulled their name from the project after all of the controversy and Josh Bakaitus, Drusky vice-president, claimed personal ownership of the project. Since the "apology" and "sit-in", Drusky has censored discussion of the scandal online. Some bands who were set to play the festival have dropped off. Mary Jo Coll, another local promoter, created an opposing festival that is set to happen today. Bloom Fest has some great bands on it, from The Neffs to Ricky Moslen to The Lopez. You can get a wristband for $10 that provides acceptance to all of the venues hosting (Howlers, Poppy's, Brillobox, BBT, the Shop, and Runaway Studios. It's oddly similar to the Rock Against Racism/Rock Against Communism stuff from the UK punk scene.


Check out Bloom Fest HERE

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