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jankyswans - "myystischmatiist" EP review

jankyswans is a great vaporwave/chiptune artist that I have been in communication with for a few months while working on my own musick in a similar style as ☆彡DragonCentury99. They sent me a code last month, but I've been way over-busy as always. Thankfully, as things get back to normal for a time (don't count as this lasting), I finally got a chance to listen to their August EP titled myystischmatiist today, and it is a really great experience.

The cover art shows a man in a forest. Is he juggling? Is he viewing some spirits, will 'o wisps, that may be friends or tricksters? The framing of the image by the thin trees and the distant brighter background leave the viewer drawn into the image. The musick will take us there.

The first track is titled after the EP and shows the richer sound clearly. I big, splashy drum crashes bring a lot of  emotion to the song. "arboreal mollusc" sounds like the theme to Snowdin Town from Undertale. I really like this track.with its wobbly bass, bright melodies, frosty tints, and weird countermeasures. "rêÐ §hðµlÐêr ßµg§" is a little hard to spell, and it's kind of dissonant while still being melodic. I think that the big chords are kind of loud, but it's still a pretty good song. "cconstrructt" has a great bass sound. This one is almost a ballad, but still sounds like something from the game The Messenger. There's a very autumnal sound to this one with more splashy drums, chimes, and subtle windiness as we head into fall in North America.

"the//break" begins the second half of myystischmatiist. It continues the melodic, layered, vapory chiptune sound that's gone through the album. The song begins with with militaristic drums that contribute to a sound of survival, a feel of having strength to endure. "oathbreakers" has a great combination of sirens and square melodies that combine with a beautiful harmony, intertwining. "αƒтεятнσυgнт" ends the EP with chirpy piano, layers of percussion, and a great, hidden, bassline.

myystischmatiist is a great continuation of jankyswans work. I will be sure to listen to this EP along with the last one, antennae, if I am feeling down. There's a very determined spirit deep in the core of this strange wood that will refill a person's heart with a strong will once more.

myystischmatiist receives a Good.

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jankyswans third EP enriches their existing sound with more layers, intricate harmonies, and a wind that comes from somewhere deep in the forest.