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Quiet Sound Night VI

On August 26th where were you?
Were you one of these kids here?
Photo © "Noisebloid" Leslie Keffer 2011

If you weren't at Voice of the Valley than you should have been at Roup Avenue, Pittsburgh for the 6th edition of Quiet Sound Night (if yr not in Pittsburgh at all than too bad).

Continuing on from the previous editions last year at Joe Hammer House, Oakland, Quiet Sound Night moved to Roup House, Friendship to continue the tradition of strange anything-goes performances at lower-than-most-shows volumes.

To the left, rouper RJ Myato plays a solo experimental guitar set that is obviously not acoustic, but still not up to his usual beyond-the-threshold loudness.
Following RJ's short set, the living room darkened and was filled with fog as New York noise band Tandem Electrics brought a visceral sonic soundscape to the people gathered.

Tandem Electrics is composed of Reed Evan Rosenberg, who performs solo as Wet Fur, on laptop and Richard Kamerman on various mic'd motors and moving parts.  They also brought a seizure worthy light that flashed at various points throughout their set.  Hypnotic.

Afterwards we move on to the outdoors.  In the yard local stalwart Brother Ong (Mike Tamburo) coaxed dark and mystic sounds from his massive gong as everyone watched from around the fire.

After soothing the souls of all those who had gathered, Brother Ong was followed by three poetry type pieces in a row.

First, rouper Lucy Goubert read her amazing, sort of film-noir-esque, poetry.  As usual she was top notch and her reading was enjoyed by all.  You can hear it all right here.  Towards the end I get a phone call and hilarity ensues.

After a short soup break (Roup Soup by Seth LeDonne), Alexis played some tapes and chanted/sung inside on the stairs.  Her words, past and present, were accompanied by tambourine.

Her set was very enthusiastic.  It was out there and powerful.  I have never really seen anything like it before and would definitely enjoy seeing something on the same page.
Listening available here.

Finally Zach Mosel read some short pieces about facial scrubs resembling bukkake and other wholesome topics.  It was sort of a post-teenage, apocalyptic, surrealist nightmare/dream.  Zach was partially interrupted by the sound tests of Matt Wellins (up next - "in the living room?").

True + cool + Dylan-esque.  Here you go.

With no room in the room and many people attempting to live there, if at least for a short few moments, we piled in to watch Matt Wellins play some quiet noise(?).  Wires arc'd over metal, electricity humming like a girl on a walk, his electronics buzzed with glee.  When the smoke cleared strange new forms emerged.

An unnamed band stood before us.  Maybe called (the) Wiretappers, maybe Nervous Wreck, probably a Guided by Voices influenced Brian DiSanto project, this band was awesome.  RJ on instruments (banjo, drums, guitar maybe[?]) and rouper Brian on trademark weird vocals tore up the living room.  They played a special song for my friend Ocasia who had sent them spooky mail art and knocked over the PA system that Tandem Electrics had failed to take down for a few hours; Netflix dvds, tiny buffalo stuffed animals, and TVs were shown no mercy.  Brian lifted rouper Seth above his head and spun him around spilling beer across the floor and onto the heads of the confused and unwary.  Guerilla improv-punk in yr living room.

After everyone had caught their breath, we watched as Matt Wellins returned to do a silent, weird object performance in the darkened room.  We chuckled; I set up in the upstairs kitchen.  With the window open behind me I played guitar drone through a small bass amp with only a few of my usual pedals and it went great.  Meanwhile, amps were being piled up in the living room.  Check it out:

With their arsenal ready Last of England (RJ + Erik Ciora) prepared for war.  But was harsh noise at this late of an hour really a good idea?

Wait.... what?!??!

Instead of a noise wall to end all hearing forever, the audience was treated to a naked RJ and a wrestling Erik, basically Last of England minus noise and maybe a reference to John Cage.

Richard Kamerman returned to the living room after the Last of England cinema of transgression to play an acoustic set utilizing motors freed from computer towers and Playstation controllers.  Rouper Ron Copeland was impressed and awarded both members of Tandem Electrics with his gnarly screen prints composed of trash and post-advertising.  I traded for a 3" CD.
Finally we ended the night with a less cohesive, but more musical performance by Coyotes by the Way (roupers Seth and Joe) accompanied by Seth's brother Alex (ex-Gergles) on drums.  Their set ended up being more of a long jam sort of thing and less like the standard sort of noise set that they usually play.   Afterwards everybody retired to where they had to be. I ended up staying on a chair in the upstairs kitchen to stay for a Risk game that didn't end up happening the next day, but did get to attend the East End Share Fair.

It was worth it to miss Voice of the Valley and Quiet Sound Night VII couldn't come sooner.