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October Releases

Two new ··— releases for October:

Electric Fear is ··— #7.
It is a 3 track EP/single on an all black CD-R and comes in a sleeve with a few different versions of artwork.  It has a spooky sound and the songs on here actually frighten me if I listen to them in a dark room; it's pretty scary. 

Album + Archive is ··— #8.
This is a compilation of tracks by my former band Belt of Venus that didn't appear on our EP.
It is a 14 track album on painted white CD-R that comes in a jewel case with artwork by each member of the band.  The 3" EP is included in a tiny pocket unless you already have it.
$10 ($2 goes to Animal Friends as per Patrick Gilbert's wishes)

Also be sure to check out the new Halloween Compilation by Production Procedures Productions.  It's the ninth in a series of annual compilations of mostly local and some national punk, lo-fi, and weird pop music.  It was a show at a now defunct venue, The Shooting Gallery, seeing the band Dark Lingo that encouraged me to make music in the first place.  Now I'm featured on this year's compilation.

Finally, if you haven't heard it yet, here's ··— #6 if you haven't heard it yet.  It comes in a black duct-taped box with assorted debris inside.
RJ Myato and Seth LeDonne have called it "album of the year."
"If anyone should be making money off of anything it should be you with this," Joe Mruk