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Electroluminati #7

Electroluminati is a monthly showcase of "electronic" music that happens at Howlers Coyote Cafe every first Sunday of each month.  The seventh featured my friends Luxe Robotica, Negative Witch Goddess, Poor Kitty, and Wasp Nest Head Dress and happened on October 2nd 2011.  Jake Lexso (formerly Ground Zero Mosque) of Triangle & Rhino was also supposed to play, but he had some other stuff come up that prevented him from being there.

Luxe Robotica was first to play and features Jordan Weeks of South Seas Sneak, Thin Sketch, OC Feef, and other assorted bands usually also including Greg Cislon (who is not in this band).  Jordan Weeks played guitar, which alternated between noise and more melodic stuff, and Spencer Luxe played keyboard(?) and samples of some guy yelling about heavy metals in his water source along with broadcasts from a Massachusetts radio station.  They went on for half an hour, which was a little too long, but I'd definitely see them again (if they would play out more).  Luxe Robotica's set was a lot different from most things that I've seen.

Next up was Roup band Negative Witch Goddess featuring RJ Myato on electronics and Autumn Zwibel on vocals.  Compared to their no-wave-ish set at the Wherehouse earlier this year, this time Negative Witch Goddess was much more gothic.  RJ created waves of static while Autumn shrieked eerily.  Sometimes feedback would consume the whole of the room for a moment or two.  Everything was covered in darkness; you could only see the shadows of heels clacking about on the stage.  Definitely a great set.

Continuing the same trend of male+female, noise+vocals, S+M, Roup bands was Poor Kitty.  Seth made noise and played tapes while Lucy told a story/recited a poem.  It was awesome, even better than their set at the Experimental Variety Show just a few days before.  Poor Kitty played an amazing set not unlike Early American or Ghost Bitch by the early Sonic Youth.  This was not melodic, but rhythmic, powered by vocals alone while the sound of wind tore through the room.

Last up was Wasp Nest Head Dress.  Broken toys and oscillating noise fused to create space/laser type sounds.  Often it was as if something was descending from orbit and quickly crashing to the ground, writhing for a short time afterwards.  Later on Eric did some death metal growls.  This was top notch stuff.

The show concluded with a collaboration of all of the bands.  It was very noisy.
The collaboration can be downloaded here.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that I got kicked out right before anybody played.  Don't ask for a glass of water without yr ID kids.  If you do, make sure to come back in after like 10 minutes through the loading door for bands.