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New York Improv Noise at the Mr. Roboto Project

This is Fuck Telecorps on December 8th 2011.  Ed Um and Matt Wellins did some noise/jazz kind of stuff.  Ed Um disappeared for a few minutes while they were setting up and returned a few minutes later with a bunch of "new" instruments. Their 20 minute set included things such as the trumpet, saxophone, Doritos bag, phone book, feedback loop, beer can, and other cool stuff.  Matt Wellins might get mad that his picture is here.

Next up was Jeffrey Young from New York who played a violin (maybe a viola???) and looped stuff.  He used a computer and did some vocals too; it was all very theatrical.  It seemed as if Young's performance referenced psychiatrists or counselors, perhaps a look at the awkwardness of telling people things like "this is a safe place, everything is going to be alright."

For their first show, the Fuckies were up next.  Featuring Jay Dowl and Meg Georgiana of Middle Children and Ben Blanchard of the Weird Paul Rock Band, the Fuckies played a really messy set.  It was kind of bad, but awesome.  They probably would have been okay if they had solved their problems with their levels and feedback.  I'm looking forward to the album coming out soon.

After the Fuckies was Valerie Kuehne, also from New York and also pretty theatrical.  She started her set off walking around Roboto and telling a weird story about a fly, a dog, and some other animals.  The punchline was something like "when fly goes down, pussy gets wet."  Then Valerie played a cello and sang/talked operatically.  It was cool, very forceful.  I was reminded of Patti Smith.

Everyone left the room at this point; Fuck Toilet Partitions, featuring RJ Myato from Last of England and Eric Ross from Wasp Nest Head Dress.  Fuck Toilet Partitions was awesome.  Everybody got apologetic for leaving during their set, which was a blast of harsh noise for a while.  You can see Jeffrey Young covering his ears.

Finally Paul Pinto, the last New York person, played an amazing set.  I was super impressed.  Paul combined what seemed to be two record players with no records with guitar tones (via foot stomps).  He also did whining/moaning vocals over top.  This could have been a track on No New York.