Rhyton at the Shop

On March 25th the band Rhyton played at the Shop; I forgot my digital recorder (or I at least can't find the files now).

Fuck Telecorps played first, lacking Matt Wellins (who was supposed to be there).  There was trumpet playing and noise loops.  The calm soon descended into a psychotic dance with a garbage bag over Ed's head.  It was a really cool and fairly diverse set; always a great band.

Next up was Herman Pearl or Soy Sos.  I had thought that he was playing as part of Fuck Telecorps during their performance, but now it was clear that he was doing something completely different.  A large metal cylinder was manipulated like a giant industrial bell gleaming in the factory-ish Shop to produce overtones and ambiance.  It was probably one of the most unique things that I have seen someone do.

Zuma was third; this was the first show by a really cool new Pittsburgh band.  Zuma is two members from Free Clinic performing no-wave sludge.  They had the energy of a nuclear power plant and the sounds of the second half of Black Flag's My War or Mars' 78.  There better be more Zuma shows soon.

Finally Rhyton played, the most traditional of all of the varied acts that night.  Featuring (sometimes) mandolin, but mostly guitar/bass/drums, Rhyton sounded like a more noisy Greatful Dead.  They were pretty cool, but kept going for so long that it became less and less interesting.  Cool jams/long jams.  Rhyton looks pretty cool at least.