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Ex-Breathing Gobblers

Gobble Manor is Joh-doh's house in East Liberty and I guess it is Glowworms HQ.  It is a cool location with a really rustic feel despite being in the heart of the city.  The whole house is well worn with a strange feel to the air.  There was a show there on January 12th 2013.

Satyr/Elfheim was first; this was the first show that I played this year.  I didn't bring an amp and used one that was owned by the guitarist from the touring band, Ex-Breathers.  It sounded good, but not perfect.  I played some spooky, wavy, metallic waves, like a church bell in a horror movie about vampires or cults, and then played the first S/E song, "Giants of Earth", which I also played on the radio back on December 21st.  I'd like to maybe play more songs live, and I have also intended to play this one especially.  I think my set went well, but it should have been louder.  Joh-doh seemed to like the riff from the song.

 Ex Breathers, from Tallahassee, Florida, played second; they were really fucking loud.  Think of a cool Dischord band like Rites of Spring, Fugazi, or Nation of Ulysses and that's basically what they sounded like, with maybe some of the chaos of the Minutemen.  Lots of energy super speeding around with what seemed like weird time signatures (I don't understand time signatures so whatever if I'm wrong).

Third and last was Glowworms with a new drummer who is not as hard-hitting as Marlon Battad.  I definitely feel like the drumming is now lacking in Glowworms, but it seems like their new drummer is more technical and consistent which could be interesting once they do some more shows with him.  Anyway Glowworms is like post-punk/goth/alternative/punk/metal or something; they totally rule.  All of their songs are very dramatic and apocalyptic like a totally unsimilar Neil Young.

 Gobble Manor is pretty seriously rad, even if the show was pretty small.  I'm hoping there will be more shows there soon.  Check out some sounds from this show here, and buy some Ex-Breathing gear or something too.