Pinky Doodle Poodle Noodling

Pinky Doodle Poodle is a band from Japan on the same label as Shonen Knife. I was excited to be offered to play with them; when they were here last time, I missed it. They seemed sort of garage-y, and I liked how the band looked in pictures. The Japanese garage rock/punk scene seems like it was pretty cool back in the early 90s, with bands like Teengenerate, Guitar Wolf, and the's. It was kind of a rough time for me before the show, so I hoped that this would brighten my mood a bit.

When the day came, I was not excited to play the show; I was so tired. However, again, I hoped it would be cool, and we already said we would do it. Sorry I'm Dead ended up playing first. It wasn't great. It was kind of a bummer because I was really excited for the show. We weren't together as a band; everything was kind of all over the place. The tempos started slow, sort of got sped up, but there just wasn't a lot of communication. It's hard for me to communicate to my band members on stage because I am singing the songs. I know I can do better though, and we can do better as a band overall with this type of thing. We are going to focus on working together during practices from now on and set the practice space up like a stage instead of being in a triangle. After our set, I felt like we ruined everything, but that was me overreacting.

The next band was the always excellent Weird Paul Rock Band. They did a great job, though I guess Paul hit some wrong notes or something somewhere, and "Bowl Cut" was kinda screwy. Who cares though? Paul gave me an awesome book about vampires, from the Shock Shots series, on stage. I actually have owned the same book since I was in elementary school, but I couldn't bear to tell him at that moment. I did tell him later and was still thankful for the gift. I am going to look for the other Shock Shots books in the set now, which he later showed me on Facebook. The other books include Monsters, Zombies, Mummies Werewolves, and Ghosts (which even Weird Paul doesn't have!). I got my book from a flea market when I was little, and my friend got the book on zombies. I had only recently found the book again, and now this happened too. Anyway, Weird Paul Rock Band played a lot of the more rocking songs like "Please Don't Break My Atari" and "What a Meal" along with some new songs that I don't recognize. I have to see their show coming up at the BBT because they are finally gonna play "Bankrobber".

Pinky Doodle Poodle, or PDP, played last. It was worth it to be there, even late on a weeknight. The guitarist, George, is a super shredder; he jumped around and rolled around on the floor in the midst of the crowd, playing speeding leads. It was very inspiring! The drums were solid and the bass had a nice tone, very loud out of the small amp used by Yuria. Yuria, the front person, has also done solo stuff, played in the band Honey Bee, and is a voice actor in an anime called Shuffle! that I have never seen. I really liked her vocals, though of course, I couldn't understand most of the lyrics. They played for quite a while, and it was not boring.

Pinky Doodle Poodle will be returning to Pittsburgh on September 8th, playing at Howlers again. They are playing with a band called Winter Sounds that I have not seen before. I hope to meet you there, perhaps, when it happens!