BBGuns Shooting Downtown

My friends BBGuns played in downtown in Market Square on Saturday, June 9th. It was part of Deutschtown Goes Downtown, an extended part of the Deutschtown Music Festival that is happening next month. They'll be playing the festival as well with other bands and artists such as Soda Club, Sluggs, Midge Cricket, The Weird Paul Rock Band, The Full Counts, Jack Stauber, Nox Boys, Hearken, Dumplings, and my band - Sorry I'm Dead.

I got to Market Square just in time to see BBGuns. There was a decent crowd down there as they were finishing their first song. Downtown was busy all over because of the Arts Festival and Pride happening nearby at the same time. I had driven through their earlier in the day; that was not a good idea. I liked the atmosphere of all of the people together though.

BBGuns sounded so solid on stage. They performed excellently despite the lack of onstage monitors. I enjoyed hearing the tracks, newer and older, that they performed over the course of an hour, as the sun went down overhead. With all the skyscrapers overhead, shining brightly, it reminded me of those shots from Carsickness' legendary gig downtown back before I was born. I figured something like that would never happen in this modern day when big business owns so much of our world.

The crowd definitely enjoyed the set as well, some of them family members of BBGuns. It was cool to see some kids down there having a good time and people just passing by glancing at the stage. I hope this happens again more often. Market Square is such a huge area that's perfect for something like this.

As I said earlier, BBGuns will also be playing the Deutschtown Music Festival on July 14th on the HughShows Stage at 9pm. My own band, Sorry I'm Dead, will be playing that same evening at 5pm at YMR Club. You can check out the main schedule here. I hope to see some of you there.