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Getting Ready for Deutschtown Music Festival 2018

Deutschtown Music Festival is a two-day music festival that has taken place across Pittsburgh's Northside for the past six years. It's a free event with over 320 bands playing at over 30 music venues, both indoors and outdoors, tomorrow, Friday, July 13th, and also on Saturday, July 14th. I'm particularly excited about this year because my band Sorry, I'm Dead will be playing with a new lineup.

Sorry, I'm Dead is set to play at 5pm at YMR Club. That's 631 Suismon St. I've never been there before, and I had never heard of the place before this year. It has an interesting history, being founded as the Young Men's Republican's Club back in 1934 and obtaining one of Pennsylvania's first liquor licenses after Prohibition. Based on this Post-Gazette article from 2003, YMR Club doesn't seem particularly affiliated with the Republican Party anymore, and the fact that they are calling it YMR Club now follows suit. It sounds like an interesting little slice of old Pittsburgh that still exists for those in the know. I hope that doesn't change.

In addition to my own musical happenings, I'm also excited about many of friends playing the festival too. I'll be able to make some of the later Friday shows, but I have to work Saturday. I'm most excited that my friends, BBGuns, will be playing on the HughShows Stage at 8pm on Saturday. I've listed my favorites below if you want to follow the leader, or you can check out the full lineup here. No matter which bands you decide to see, it's gonna be a packed night for sure!

Friday, July 13th

Saturday, July 14th