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South Seas Sneak Zine #3 Release

On December 22nd the seemingly uncommonly known Pittsburgh band South Seas Sneak released the third issue of their official fan zine at a show at Assemble.  I had an older issue and thought that it was cool to have a zine and CD that sort of detailed local music and agreed to release a track on the new issue and play at the show.

I played first after a short intro by Greg Cislon and Jordan Weeks of the aforementioned band.  It was kind of weird sitting down and I had some trouble setting up, but it turned out really well.  Everybody seemed to like my set and I thought that it was one of the best that I've done.  "Ribot's Walls" describes my feelings of similarity between a video of Marc Ribot playing "Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground" to the feeling of the art galleries on Penn Avenue in the dark of winter.  It was strange because I was used to hanging out with friends at Garfield Artworks on those days, but this was fine and those days had run their course.

Next we watched a video directed by Lord Grunge of Grand Buffet that was a satire on the "Blair Witch Project" or "Paranormal Activity" and then a college girl named Casey Stelitano played a short, country-ish set on an acoustic guitar.  She was very skilled, but her set really wasn't something that I would usually see.  Still I think that she did a good job and it was good to see her play.  Casey played songs full of melancholy and heartbreak.  She could probably be a big star with some actual airplay.

After Casey Stelitano, we watched a South Seas Sneak video made with a Gameboy Camera created by a weird guy named Sean Rush(?) who then played some songs on a toy keyboard and with a musical plush toy.  It was fun and similar to when I saw Weird Paul play a toy DJ set at Garfield Artworks.  Speaking of which...

Weird Paul sang songs from his new album soon afterward.  He opened his present, a random gift from South Seas Sneak, (I got a DVD on magic tricks and Big Star's "#1 Record/Radio City!) and then played a cover of a Christmas song, his compilation song "You Don't Need That Knob", and "We Love to Use the Telephone" which is awesome and from his new album "Check Me Out Now".  This was maybe the best Weird Paul set that I've seen maybe not as good as his reunion with Manny).

Jake and the Jakeman played a short set with a song like Tom Waits, but they quickly transformed into South Seas Sneak with a different lineup.  Greg Cislon played guitar and Jordan Weeks played bass with a vintage drum machine keeping time behind them.  Their set was very post-punk sounding and also similar to Belt of Venus or Prince at times.  Later they were joined by Sarah Daddario with sang their last two songs, covers of classic-ish Christmas hits, and played sleigh bells.

The show was a lot of fun; it was like an unscripted variety show combined with a weird party.  There were snacks, drinks, lots of eggnog (which I don't like), and presents!  Shows like this are definitely a lot of fun and I'd love to play at next year's show if it's anything like this was.  Be sure to check out Sneak Attack #3 if you happen to find one somewhere (it might be sold at Soundcat Records/Paul's CD's).  My review of Rocket from the Tombs is printed inside and a Satyr/Elfheim song called "China Burg" was included on the CD with other tracks by friends RJ Myato (misspelled as Mayto), Wasp Nest Head Dress, and Weird Paul.