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Not Not the Wind Not the Flag

The band Not the Wind Not the Flag was supposed to play this show, but they had played the previous day with Chris Corsano, Antithesis, and myself.  I was not sure what was going on with this show on April 20th, but it ended up happening and being pretty cool with a lot of weird jokes.  Nobody was there.

I went first, being the only local act on the bill.  I wanted to play my new Synsonics guitar with an internal speaker, but ended up using the standard Cruise Made for VMI.  My set started with feedback and big riffs and was sort of like the set I did at Roup for the Harsh Noise Fest.  Ultimately it changed though, getting really loud like a pillar of air over a pit with a huge buzzsaw.  At the end I used my Stylophone, played some stuff backwards, and then made lots of noise

Bererberg, the seemingly unpronounceable to every except me, was second.  They were really cool and played free jazz stuff that was usually loud and noisy, but could get quiet and even more grating.  The members of this band sort of look like the members of Wolf Eyes and they were all really skilled.  Sometimes they veered into almost noise rock type stuff or like one of the SYR records.  Great stuff!

Third was Slow-Tongued Beauty who was possibly really drunk, but still played a killer set.  He used turntables to produce slow sounds that matched his name.  Things started out like music you might have heard in the early 1900's, but became church-like and then very still and bleak.  His set was pretty quiet the whole way through and it ruled.

Last up was David Sutton from New Jersey.  He runs a cool label called Highland Park Gem and Crystal Society and all of his albums seem to have the word "new" in the title.  Sutton started out like Slow-Tongued Beauty, but with distant voices echoing in the back of his audio landscape, but his set quickly became much more dissonant and chaotic.  The strings of a sinking orchestra were stretched to their limit as the whine of the engine erupted in fracturing explosions.  At times there seemed to be sound effects from nature amid the constant orchestra; the whole thing reminded me a lot of Merzbow's Batztoutai with Material Gadgets.

This show was tons of fun.  I wish more people had been there to see it,but it may have been fun because nobody was there.  Hopefully these guys come back soon.