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Slices Prom: Let's Get Married!

Slices Prom was May 18th and was the first big show at Caliente.  A lot of people attended due to the City Paper highlighting it as Slices big album release for Still Cruising, an album that had been reviewed in Spin and other national music magazines.  Most people dressed up since it was prom, but it was a little different than any dance at high school.

Fogged Out was playing when I got there.  His set was comprised of the same songs that I've seen him play before.  The fog was so thick that I couldn't get any pictures of really anything.  I could only here the spooky baritone of Mike Kasunic's voice, coated in reverb, over dark beats.  Some of the vocals seemed especially harsh, effects creating an almost death metal growl.  I didn't hear any pseudo rap stuff that he's done before (maybe this never happened, but pretty sure that it did) so it was pretty cool.

Pay the Rent, who I had never seen/heard before was next; the fog continued into their set.  Both members, John and Mike Kasunic, are Slices members and also brothers.  Mike Kasunic was also in Tusk Lord and had just played as Fogged Out.  Pay the Rent was like Fogged Out with guitar and was less poppy and very, very dark.  A lot of it sounded like the Halloween theme with reverb'd Bauhaus guitar over top spooky, chanted vocals.  Some of Pay the Rent's backing tracks were almost like slow dance tracks.  Pretty killer stuff.

Finally Slices was going to play (it wasn't like we hadn't just seen half the band turn into Goths).  The whole room was full and the crowd went crazy moshing and stuff; lots of drinks got spilled, some possibly expensive.  The weird Oscar/theater decorations that decorated the place got smashed up also.  Slices played hard and tight and very together, even more so than usual, though it took them a few minutes to get figured out.  I don't know any of their song titles, but they played lots of stuff they usually play and some new stuff, probably from the new album.  Slices played Highway to Hell to close their set, kind of surprising and atypical.  There was no encore, "We have no more songs.  Thank you."  It ruled.
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