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Second Secret Paper Moon

July 7th, 2014 was the second show that my new band, Secret Paper Moon, played. Secret Paper Moon features Stew Schmidt on guitar and me on drums; sometimes we switch. We were playing with In Arthur's Court, which is Brian Hecht's new solo project, Cloud Becomes Your Hand, and Ryan Power. I'd seen Cloud Becomes Your Hand a few years ago, and I was excited to be playing with them.

Secret Paper Moon played first. We had practiced a lot before the show, having written three songs since our last performance at Abandoned Store (where we only had two). We started the set with a short improve piece and then went into "Golden Gate", the first song we wrote. After "Trilobite", our second written song, and "Calvin Johnson", the power strip came out of the wall during "Simulacrum". Stew kept playing, even unplugged, but we ended up starting again and doing half of the song. We did a Velvety song called "R.A.F.", and then at the end we did another improve piece with Stew on drums, Sasha (from Actorcop and In Arthur's Court) on vocals, and me on guitar. It was a lot of fun, but a little bit messy.

The mysterious In Arthur's Court was second. Brian put on a crazy costume with a moon-shaped headpiece before starting to play his black telecaster. Sasha played some keyboards and added some beats and samples. In Arthur's Court declared that music had taken a turn for the worse since the year 1215. The sounds of animals making a ruckus mixed with 1000 year-old medieval chord progressions filled the air. In less than ten minutes it was over. Everybody cheered for more horse solos.

The show ended after all of that. Nobody was at the show to see the touring bands; they figured they might as well get a start to the next city. Everybody who was there seemed disappointed, but understood. Maybe next time.