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BBQ'd Zigtebra

On the 4th of July, my band, Sorry I'm Dead, played a show at Howlers with Zigtebra, Reign Check, and Dumplings. It was pretty fun, and all the bands were good. I booked Zigtebra a while back at Roboto, also on a patriotic holiday, Flag Day, so this unintentionally continued the weird trend. Just like that show, this was a potluck, but this time we also set off some small fireworks outside.

Sorry I'm Dead played first. It was a really good set, similar to the one at Goathouse. Early on, I did some cool rock moves and my guitar strap came off. The guitar was hanging by one side, and I had to just hold it up for a second. It's fun to go into reckless abandon.

Second was Reign Check. I had never seen them before, but I am pretty sure that I had seen their name on like a Facebook event. They were a really cool band, sort of 90s indie sounds, and they played Bikini Kill's "Feels Blind". They are not as thrashy as Bikini Kill, so it was kind of strange. Some of their other songs used a synth, and it reminded me of the awesome, ancient band Dress Up As Natives. I liked their anti-catcaller song. Reign Check ended their set with a somewhat sobering cover of "This Land Is Your Land", but some of the lyrics were a little different than either the original or the sanitized version you hear all the time.

In their time since the show at Roboto, Zigtebra became a very dreamy band; everybody swooned to their loveful synths and echoey vox. Emily, the keyboard player, sounds like Björk at her poppiest. The guitarist/drummer, Joseph, had some whimsical moves like Jonathan Richman. They have some dancey beats via their drum machine. You might be surprised to hear me say this, but Zigtebra are pretty poppy in a really good way. They will be back later in the year, and I am excited!

Finally, Dumplings played. They were super rockin'! It was the band's anniversary and Pam and Jon's dating anniversary! Jon used a new guitar, at least one that I had never seen before, for some of the songs, and he wore a cool tie with ghosts on it.  Their sunglasses made me think of the Damned. They played a few songs that I haven't seen them play often or maybe ever. I really liked the song about being alone forever. Dumplings is really great every time I see them!

Go see Zigtebra if they come near you soon! They are on a long tour, and are very nice to have around! And check out their Facebook or Bandcamp - they are doing new songs each month! Maybe we will do another weird holiday show again with them soon! Look at all these exclamation points in the last paragraph!