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Friday the 13th Is Actually Unlucky And You Can Blame Your Own Faults On It

Last week, on Friday the 13th, 2017, I went to see a show at Howlers. I was excited to see Dorothy 6, Dan's country band that I have never seen before, and Aloe, a band that I enjoy a whole lot. However, when I was about to leave for the show, I saw that Dorothy 6 had already started and that the show was not starting an hour after the scheduled event time like most things do. I think this is actually not a good move; I always think of the event time as the time that the doors open. This was all in the event description on Facebook though, so I should have read it more thoroughly.

I zoomed out of the house, trying to rocket all the way to Howlers, but Aloe started before I got there. As I was parking my bike, I saw that they were playing a My Bloody Valentine-esque song. "Wow, I don't think I have ever heard this one before," I thought to myself, "and it sounds really great!" When I had got through the door and into the band room, they were done, pretty much right on the nose. Damn.

I did get to see Lady Bizness, the touring band from NYC, and The Park Plan. Lady Bizness is a really interesting band that I didn't like at first, though they really, really grew on me over the length of their set. The band is only guitar, drums, and vocals. The guitar had a grunge/hard-rock tone, which was the main thing that turned me off at first, playing simpler chord progressions with a lot of energetic fills. I liked the drums, and the singer had a cool style. The songs were tough with a Bikini Kill cover and that's a good benchmark for their sound, though Lady Bizness is its own band. I always enjoy seeing minimalism work out so well with all of the energy in these songs!

The Park Plan was also great. They had a few guest vocalists, including Steph from The Lopez. I really liked seeing those collaborations. A lot of their songs are about street harassment, and the singer mentioned that she wrote many of them while walking. I write most of my songs in the same way but not on that subject. It is an important subject and one that is obviously on many minds, as we can see from the "Me Too" posts about sexual assault and harassment on Facebook recently. I disagree if you are going to tell me that it's just people being political to be trendy. Anyway, I really enjoyed all of the instruments in this band, the house right guitar most of all with its jangly rhythms and flying solos. The bass was really good too. Also, I want to point out that the bass and house right guitar just look so cool, orange and metallic pink respectively.

I'm glad I saw Lady Bizness and The Park Plan. They were very enjoyable, cool bands to see that you should probably check out. I am disappointed to have missed Aloe and Dorothy 6, who you should both also check out; I still have to listen to the latter. The lesson here could be to always read events and stuff, but clearly, the fault lies on this notoriously unlucky day. Sometimes we are all cursed by the stars and the cosmic entities that lie beyond. Watch out for those things! And, yeah, always read the darn event!