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Bill Nace and Twig Harper Win the Prize

Actually, I won a prize, but that doesn't encompass the event with its titanic titular labeling. It was October 20th of this year, and I set off for The Tub on that dark night. I had seen Bill Nace many years ago with Sonic Youth at No Fun Fest 2009, the last year of Carlos Giffoni's noise festival, at least in New York City from what I can tell. And I had seen Twig Harper a few months back with Wolf Eyes before all of the chaos. Seeing them play together seemed like it would be very exciting.

I arrived at The Tub towards the end of Anchient Lesbians set. I love the spelling of that name! I was glad to finally see Olivia (from Olivia II) play live. Her new duo is really fun with jammy ambient/psychedelic dance tunes. The last song reminded me of Bowie's "Crystal Japan" or Neu! though.

Right after this, I realized that this was a White Reeves Productions show. Despite being friends with everyone involved with such things, this was the first event under that name that I was attending. I had heard that they did a sort of game show thing at Distro/Palanzo's when that was still a thing, and this had some elements of that as well. As I mentioned, I won the "Dress to Access" contest with my studded leather choker vs. Andrew Kirschner's punk pins. For my troubles, I was rewarded with two White Reeves Productions tapes which I'll review when I get the time.

During the weird, little contest, Andrew Kirschner had set up. He played a droning piano loop that started out with dark and stormy sounds. I liked the piano piece, but it was not the most exciting thing. Mostly, I just wish it had been less trebly. There were definitely some cool elements to it though, and it reminded me of Eno's "Music for Airports".

Finally, Bill Nace and Twig Harper were ready to play. It was nice to have the show moving and finishing before it was a-million-o'clock. For their performance, it seemed like Nace produced various sounds, starting with small pieces of percussion and moving to prepared guitar, while Harper modified the sounds and played them back. Twig Harper also did some vocals, scary breathing and gasps. The piece started slowly, creeping up on the audience as it went along into harsher realms of terror that I envision as a green color, the inside of some hideous worm. The vocals started to become inhuman as well. The rushing noise and space sounds of modulated delay gave way to a calmer rustling peace that faded out to the claps of the crowd in the small room. Then I proceeded to go up to Bill Nace and say I saw him with Sonic Youth in Washington D.C. instead of No Fun Fest as I mentioned above. He was really confused until I realized my mistake. You can't win them all.

Afterwards, I watched as some people ate bites of scorpion peppers, and we tried to kick one of those things that dangles from a ceiling fan. Nobody could really do it. It was quite a night of things, and then I went home to watch horror movies and lament my making a fool of myself to Bill Nace.