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Electroluminati #11

This was a cool show with lots of small, long sets.  Coyotes by the Way was first with spooky sounds like a creaking haunted house collapsing.  Joe played a guitar with a light bulb that was smashed eventually.  Seth provided screeching noises and gallumphed muffling.  Towards the end he slashed up his briefcase and stepped on it.  Coyotes by the Way's set moved forward continuously and brought the audience along excitingly.  After the haunted krautrock of the beginning there was some spooky gothic ambiance which was followed by a strange glitching tribal rhythm and creepy vocals surrounded by shaking chains.  Another great Coyotes set.

 Buoyhood brought more spookiness to the stage with his ambient synth set of sounds from the barren forests of the northern tundra (he is wearing a hood because it is so cold up there).  His set was filled with soothing drones, cold with mist and dew.  It was sometimes soothing and sometimes like the coming of a glistening, glowing space vessel.  At times it could even be angelic and I got a little bored towards the end.  Buoyhood is cool however and he should play some more shows.

Celebrator is like a power electronics band from Philadelphia.  Condensed industrial soundscapes rose out from the ground like salty brine with harsh vocals over top.  I feel like it should have been louder, but they were very cool.  Sometimes cries sounded off in the background as machines over loaded near to us; towards the end things softened into more relaxed post-broken wilderness with nothing on the other side of the ravine.  Reminded me of Whitehouse and Tadoma.

Wasp Nest Head Dress played a sour-apple colored guitar, but he started off with a less walled circuit bent attack similar to his earliest solo albums.  His set ended the night with doom and sludgey sparseness that would progress into chaos via distorted vocals.  Feedback appeared and cut through the sound before an actual chord progression arose; it was very cool.  He probably should have been a little louder or a little more bassy.  The only continual sound was like that of a crackling fire.