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Satyr/Elfeim's Spring 2012

Before we get into March reviews here's a list of upcoming shows that I'm playing
  • April 19th at Garfield Artworks with Chris Corsano and Antithesis
  • April 20th at the Shop with Not the Wind Not the Flag, Slow-Tongued Beauty, David Sutton, and Bererberg
  • April 25th at Assemble with Barnacle Geese, Trogpite, and Wasp Nest Head DressEDIT: This was just canceled due to the touring bands new work schedule
  • May 14th at Garfield Artworks with Mu, Ashochious, and Poor Kitty
There is also a chance of me playing a show on April 21st at Gopher Hole, but I'm not sure if that's what I'll do yet.

I'll have copies of the new Americana album and also the self-titled Poor Kitty album at these.
May will probably bring more releases from ··— as well, most likely physical versions of Belt of Venus' Album+Archive or Satyr/Elfheim's 2011 Past Lives.

Last week I just did very dry "standup" reviewing records on stage for the Weird Paul Rock Band 99¢ Variety Show.  Now it looks like I'm also doing a photo shoot for the band Dumplings featuring members of Middle Children and the Weird Paul Rock Band.

It's a pretty busy Spring