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Hearken! A Deer, A Horse, and Derider

Just the other day, February 7th, I went to see a show at Spirit despite the cold weather that keeps popping up. It had snowed recently, and I was not in a good mood. In fact, these last two days I have been very depressed. It has not been a good week. This was a good show though.

I got to the venue and talked with my friends from A Deer A Horse. Sorry I'm Dead played with them the last two times they were here. I wasn't playing with them this time, which isn't important to me, but I do really miss that band.

The first band to play was Hearken. I had never seen them before, but it's not dissimilar to Roulette Waves, who I have seen before. Hearken is a stripped down version of that other band, just guitar and drums. The songs were awesome, with rippin' chords and a solid backbeat. The vocals were very raw and Cobain-esque. I enjoyed Hearken more than listening to Nirvana, though.

Next up was A Deer A Horse. They were excellent as always, very heavy and sludgey but not goofy metal stuff. I was really enthralled by the whole thing. They seemed to really fit in that space in that time. Though I couldn't tell you much about the lyrics, I felt very connected to the emphatic vocals.

The last band was Derider. I've only seen them once before, the time that I took a picture that was later stolen by Andy Mulkerin and used on Anthony Bourdain's website for Parts Unknown. That was bullshit. Both of the times seeing Derider have been cool though. This time they opened with two songs that really reminded me of Sonic Youth. Last time seemed a bit more chaotic overall. This set ended with a more structured song that might be the one they used in a video I saw some time ago. It was all good.

After Derider, I stuck around for a while, talking with many friends. Originally, Maenads were also going to play, but they couldn't do to actual physical injuries. Despite that, the other members still came out to the show. I'd like to see these pop-punk bands that always cancel at the very last minute offer that kind of support.

The show made me feel much better. Someone said something very nice about Sorry I'm Dead. The show was already great, but that really made a difference to me. I mean, I thought we were the best. It was nice to hear that from someone else too. Hopefully, I can put something together again soon instead of being so sad and lonely all the time.