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Outside In(fluence): Everafter - "Over You Tonight"

Late last month, I got a message on the Skull Valley Facebook page from a member of the London-based band Everafter asking for a review of their new single, "Over You Tonight". I was not particularly enthralled by the name of the band or the song, but, after watching the video, I found the names very fitting and the song good. Here is a short review on this rainy Saturday for the third Outside In(fluence), a series of international musick reviews.

The video for "Over You Tonight" is really funny. It's so tongue in cheek, I couldn't stop cracking up. For the most part, the video contains footage of various people comically lip-syncing and dancing along with the song in front of various seemingly found footage of cartoons, text, and clipart. There's also some footage of the moon and a band playing. It's all very lo-fi, in a sense, but it's not badly made at all. The video really had me in stitches as I watched a Jack Black-looking man play air guitar and other people play tennis rackets to the guitar solo of the song.

The actual musick is awesome. It's cheesy, with a classic 80's power-pop sound combining elements of bands like the dB's with Bon Jovi and the like. The members of the band obviously realize the cheese factor here, hence the video, but the sound works. The production is very clean with snappy drums and cheery vocals.  The chorus is probably going to be stuck in my head the rest of the day. And the guitar solo is really good too, even accompanied by the mocking video people. Though the song is a bit repetitive, the bridge caught me off guard, providing another element of interest. The entire package of video and musick really works well together.

I have to give Everafter's "Over You Tonight" a Good. It's clever but not pretentious. It has a classic sound that's changed just enough to make it their own, with a self-deprecatingly humorous video. This fairy-tale, power-pop single is a sure hit, and I wish the band well when their new album finally releases in May.