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Plastic Idea - "demo​.​n​.​stration" EP review

I have seen the name Plastic Idea on flyers recently. I found out they were a local band, but I wasn't sure if they had existed for some time or not. It's a pretty classic post-punk kind of name. I almost went to a show that they played, but I had to deal with some funeral stuff and other negative things. Anyway, Plastic Idea released demo.n.stration on March 1st, just eight days ago. Let's check it out!

I'm not sure what to make of the cover image. I like the colors and ink, but it seems sort of placeholder-y. I wish there was some text or something. The image is also cut off on the bottom. The color does seem to fit the general aesthetic of the musick though.

"peeping tom" is the first track on demo.n.stration. The vocals are beautiful, and they sound so natural, neither muffled into fake lo-fi or soaring high above the instruments. The musick rises and falls in clouds of steam and mist, grit and sunken earth. "missing chapter" has an epic start, continuing into dramatic rock. It's much more of a rocker than the first song with chugging chords and driving drums. It sounds a bit like Sonic Youth on Sister or Daydream Nation with a Siouxsie Sioux-sounding vocalist. I don't like the name "meta...af", but the song is pretty good. The vocals are more direct and angry. It has a glassy guitar sound, sharp edges and reflections. There are things that could be called solos even.

I guess "one false start" could be called the start of the second side. I don't there is a physical release to this or anything. This reminds me of band called Hausu that I heard some time ago. "one false start" is much calmer, sadder, slower, than the previous tracks, a deep something into somewhere. It's like looking into a pool of water in a dark dimension. It does go on a bit long, falling in that hole. "held" is sort of like Hole at times. The drums are way more prominent here. The guitar has a really cool sound.

After listening to demo.n.stration, Plastic Idea seems like a really cool band. I enjoyed the powerful guitars and vocals. The drums and bass are not bad either. The production is maybe a little murky at times, but, as mentioned, it's pretty good overall. The songs have a lot of twists and turns, though they are not overflowing into incredible length; they all stop short of four minutes. I'll definitely have to check out Plastic Idea live. demo.n.stration gets a Good.