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Spirit Noise Rockin'

On March 20th, I saw some noisy things at Spirit. It was cold, so I didn't really want to leave my house. I did want to see Skeletonized and Aloe and Tanning Machine and Echo Lightwave Unspeakable, though. It isn't far to get there from my house anyway.

When I got to Spirit, Echo Lightwave Unspeakable was already packing up. I actually thought everybody was doing a soundcheck, but that was just wishful thinking. Anyway, I did get to see Skeletonized, who are always doing something different than when I last saw them. This time, it was awesome free jazz. The pulsing bass combined with the pounding drums to boost the wild saxophonings to some far away place/plane. At times it bordered on a vague metal sound. Amidst the chaos, the drums were so controlled and held everything together in that cosmic near-void. The set was jammy but with a structure that held those bones together; it was not skeletal at all really with a very full sound. This was my favorite version of Skeletonized so far. I got a new CD from them that I will also be reviewing in the near future.

The next band was Tanning Machine, who had also gone through a small metamorphosis since I last saw them. The now have a dedicated vocalist in addition to guitar/synth and drums. This set was way more grindcore or some other similar genre (insert yr genre here) with very powerful and exciting vocals, speedy drumming, and furious guitar instead of the no wave of the past. There was almost a jazz element to Tanning Machine as well; I swear there was some kind of horn sounds from somewhere. I enjoyed it, but it was way more structured than the older Tanning Machine sets always seemed to be, almost falling apart but making it through somehow. I really enjoy sets where the musicians struggle but pull through, so the more metal and structure put me off a tad. Tanning Machine was still really cool, and it is always interesting to see how bands evolve.

Aloe was the last band to play. This set was awesome! Compared with the set at Howlers a few days before, which was just okay, I'd say that this was their best set that I have seen. Everything sounded so clear through Spirit's sound system, dark sounds of dread guitar riffs. The drums sounded perfect, the vocals were audible, and the whole band seemed energized and on point. The guitars were powerful and ricocheting like they do, noise rock or post-punk in the Sonic Youth vein as always. And I really have to say again that the drums were just perfect. I loved it.

I only realized at the end that I had missed Echo Lightwave Unspeakable. That was a bummer, but I got to the show an hour after it had started thinking that it would start really at that time. That's my mistake. I was also pretty anxious and putting it off and all that business, so, again, that's on me. The bands that I did see were awesome. These all locals shows always seem to go so well, the artists giving their all and really doing their best. While this wasn't the legendary show at Kopec's with Skinless Boneless, it was still a great showing from all who played. I really have to remember to see Skeletonized more, as I was so impressed with that set.