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Durian-Flavored Noise

My friend Ocasia and I played a show on April 10th at The Tub. The Tub is a big bathtub that floats in the Ohio River where bands and weirdos play musick in the middle of the night. It's maybe not that magickal, but it is a cool place.

Ocasia and I played first. We had a few practices before in which we wore radical hats in two different locations. I played drums and electronics, and Ocasia made loops and used samples. Chun-Li from Street Fighter provided guest vocals to the drums and drones. In the middle of the set, I passed out durian candies to the audience. I ate one myself. Everybody tasted some bad stuff.

Next was Control Point from Philly. She played more pop-ish stuff than I would have expected from a show like this. The songs, played with guitars and synths, were sonically haunting and tonally cool. As others have mentioned, she sounded a lot like Russian Tsarlag with similar melting tones adrift in a video void. Beats and voices and droning sounds lurched back and forth from some cold maze. I really enjoyed Control Point's musick and bought a cassette tape.

The last artist I saw at this show before I had to go was MBD. I have seen his name quite a bit online, but this was my first time seeing him play. MBD took a while to set up and then made industrial power electronics. I think his performance was shorter than his actual setup. Looking like a mad scientist working in an underground laboratory, he created bubbling burbles, whirring machines, and chilly drones. The concoction really bubbled at the end.

I really wish that I could have stayed to see the whole show, but my partner wanted to get going. That was alright with me too. Unfortunately, I left my noise gear case at The Tub. One day, I will find it on the shore of the river, hopefully still working. In reality, this just reminds me to respond to a message from a while back about picking this up. I better go do that. See you later.