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Outside In(fluence): LAKTIK - "Tonebank pop" EP review

While delving into the depths of Bandcamp, I recently came across a cool looking album from Santiago, Chile. Tonebank pop, from what I can understand thru my English translation of LAKTIK's page, is an experiment in making a lo-fi electronic album with vintage sounds and toy instrument samples. It looked like a fun listen.

The cover of Tonebank pop is an old pfoto of an actress pasted next to an old comic image of a salaryman. I like the colors of the comic contrasted to the greyscale of the pfoto. The one thing that I am not big on is the text; it's very, very plain. I wish it had an outline or something.

There are only three tracks on Tonebank pop, and "Florida" is the first one. I love the lo-fi instrumental pieces, but the vocals bug me to hell and back. It's just a guy saying, "aw shit" over and over. It's annoying and not interesting at all. Am I being trolled? Haha.

"Abduct me" is like some cool dub with a cheap keyboard and lyrics about aliens. The vocals have a "cool guy" disinterested tone to them. It reminds me a bit of the band Suicide. I really like "Abduct me".

The final track is "New car scent" which has the sound of a church organ and very cheap drum sounds. I like this one too. The vocals are again full of ennui. The organ comes and goes, accompanying a reverb-filled backing drone. The end has some little claps; it's certainly deserving of applause.

Tonebank pop is a cool experiment. I like the toy keyboard sound, the devil-may-care attitude, and the late 80s production. I like that it's a short EP too. Too long and it might get boring. While I like the drone-y nature of the tracks, I am not a big fan of the repeated vocals on the first track. If it was something more than "aw shit" it might not be as annoying. I'm not really sure what kind of rating to give this album. I really like the second two tracks. The first track is fine except the vocals; the vocals dominate though. That first song is one-third of the entire EP. I feel like I might be overvaluing this release, but I give Tonebank pop a Good.