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Finite February

On February 17th Hunted Creatures ended their week long residency at Future Tenant with a weird show there.  They ended up playing two sets, first with Burnout Warcry and second with D.S. Miller and Mike Kasunic.  The first one was pretty cool, but very short and everybody seemed sort of confused.  The second set was longish and worked pretty well.  Fogged Out, Mike Kasunic's new solo project, played next.  He was really great, recalling the glorious baritone of Tusk Lord, and going through a few different music styles.  Afterwards Ben Bowman appeared and did some offensive/ironic/annoying radio rap and stabbed a table with a big knife.

On the 24th of February I went to see Teenage Mysticism at Garfield Artworks.  Spencer Kingman, who was in the Dirty Projectors at some point, played first.  His songs were good, but his set was so long and they all sounded the same.  Next was Rose & Sara who were okay, but seemed distracted maybe.  They usually are a lot better.  Third was the touring band, Teenage Mysticism, who were like the New York Dolls and the Ramones.  They played romantic garage rock/punk with emotionally unstable vocals.  The vocalist put on makeup towards the start of the set.  They were super cool.  Last was the Octeoblasts who I had never heard of before, but they are apparently from Pittsburgh somewhere. They played fast, exciting punk music with dead pan vocals and sort of sounded like the Swell Maps song "New York."  I hope they play some more shows because I'd like to see them some more.

Here are sounds (really just Fogged Out because I forgot my recorder for the Teenage Mysticism show).