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Psychic Boots' Return/Stop Walking

On March 10th it was friend Ocasia's 21st birthday.  We ended up going to Gooski's to see some cool bands.

First up was the pretty cool band Hot Dog Forest.  They opened for R. Stevie Moore last year, but I was late and missed them.  They are opening for him again next month.  Their set at Gooski's was good, but there were some parts that kept going on and on.  Hot Dog Forest is like one of those late nineties bands that everybody likes that I know nothing about; they are sort of like Modest Mouse.

Skinless Boneless was second.  They were not as angular and cool as usual; there was still all of the briefness, but not all of the nervous, speed-freak fury.  This was the second time that I saw them with their new members since there set was prematurely ended at the Shop in December.  Skinless Boneless was good, but not up to the standard that I fell they're usually at; they were probably the worst band of the night (everyone thought that this was hilarious when I said this after the show, but I'm not sure that it is even true; everybody was sort of equal).

My friends left some time around when Psychic Boots took to the stage, their first show back in Pittsburgh and the end of a short tour.  I had never heard them before, but they were very good; rock/noise/grunge and sort of like Jane's Addiction, but not at all actually.  They could probably be more comparable to Sonic Youth, but that doesn't make sense.  They played hard for a very long time, but after each song seemed so composed.  There were cool melodies and lots of dissonance; psychedelic sludge forever!