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So I worked at Mr. Small's for GWAR's set there.  I don't really like metal.

Ghoul played first and they were pretty cool; they sounded like Ratface from Pittsburgh.  They all wore weird burlap masks that were kind of cool with blood running out the mouth.  Fast shredding guitars, but a little too much the same all the time.  Their banter got bad towards the end too; it was like they ran out of stuff to say.  I didn't really like their cheesy Transylvanian accents either.  Sometimes this Baron Samedi costumed guy would come out and squirt blood at everybody and I think another zombie dude came out and puked on us too.

Municipal Waste was second, but I really didn't like them at all.  Too much thrash and too many dumb songs: every single one was about getting fucked up, hanging out, fighting, or whatever.  The one song about the killer shark was pretty good.  I liked that the singer wasn't a bad ass metal dude, but he was pretty obnoxious.  At one point he asked the audience if they liked Minor Threat and then asked if they liked getting high; it was kind of funny, but also kind of annoying.  Their set made me realize how marketed metal really is.  Also look at that guitar.

This is GWAR's stage set up.  I couldn't take any pictures of them because I didn't want my camera to get fucked up (it would have definitely).  Just pretend that a bunch of big monster barbarians are playing music and pissing blood on you and killing other monsters that are squirting blood everywhere and assholes are stage diving every five seconds.  That worm was really cool, but it should have done more.  It could have eaten people apparently, but all they did was chop it up.  GWAR actually sounded pretty good; they are semi-melodic, but still metal.  They were all nice guys and are obviously in it for the ridiculousness.  At one point they made fun of Mushroomhead and Slipknot.  Pretty cool stuff + after the show I looked like this: