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Noise Friends/Mario diaz de Leon at GA

On March 13th all of these dudes I know opened for Mario diaz de Leon at Garfield Artworks.  It was a pretty cool show and there is a strange story involving Manny and a Roma woman that goes along with it, but this is just the show.

 Jake Lexso played a pretty quiet synth set of non-dance stuff.  It is similar to his split with Wasp nest Head Dress that was released that day.  It was all lots of swoops and phaser effects with no beats other than a pulsating, whirring sound.  Jake did some pretty cool stuff and his set was the only one with no guitar.

Wasp Nest Head Dress was second and started the night's trend of solo guitar noise.  His set was a more introspective edition of what he did at Howler's a few days ago.  He played the same cool green guitar that was received in a trade for some comic books.  There were breaking waves of static along with weirdo space feedback soaring over top.  He did some more distorted vocal stuff towards the end.  Good stuff.

Requiem played third; another guitar set, obviously, this time processed through a computer.  He started off very droney with lots of space between the notes and played what seemed like an awesome song instead of the usual improvisation that everyone does which was refreshing.  I think he used an e-bow for a lot of it which sounded really cool.  The second song he did was much less clear with all kinds of buzzing sounds like metal layered over metal.  Everything got really loud and chaotic at the end: everything set up to full blast with static and fucked up vocals over top.  Apparently his computer got screwed up around then, but it was really killer and probably the best Requiem set that I have seen.

Mario diaz de Leon was on fourth and last; he is a clone of David Graham (Requiem).  Mario played industrial/noise/metal for over half an hour.  It was a cool set and very cinematic and technical.  There were a lot of ambient/chorus effects building into distorted, semi-shredded guitar.  Mario never went into super harsh territory, and perhaps his sound was too compressed at times, but I thought that his metal/noise crossover sound was refreshing.  I hope he comes back some time.
You can purchase Mario's albums here and check out his website here.