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Screaming Females is the best band in the world maybe.  They played at the Mr. Roboto Project on April 9th with some other cool bands.

First was Sports Metaphors featuring my friend Dane on guitar and vocals.  They are a noisy pop band like Guided by Voices or Miracle Legion and at times Dane's guitar can resemble Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine.  I miss their shows a lot and got to this one kind of late.  I got to hear some weird stories about tuning instruments and being neurotic.  It was really cool; they seemed a lot better since I saw them at Garfield Artworks for a show that I played there in 2011.  I will try to see them more often now.

Second up was a band that I had heard of before, but never seen: Crooked Teeth.  I liked the sound of their instruments, but really didn't like the vocals.  They are similar to Sports Metaphors but too far towards the pop-punk side of noisy pop music for me.  They played a bunch of songs with lyrics about high school and forgetting past relationships.  The songs sounded good, but I can't stand those kind of vocals at all.  Crooked Teeth was very enthusiastic and they definitely put a lot of energy into their performance.  I think that they did a good job, but it's not the kind of stuff that I like.

Finally Screaming Females played and I was completely blown away from the start.  I had only heard a few of their songs before from other people listening through laptop speakers so this was quite a surprise.  Marissa Paternoster has the best guitar sound; the soaring leads of 19 J Mascises along with bits of Guitar Wolf's Seiji and the showmanship of Pete Townshend.  So fucking awesome!  Her vocals have a resemblance to the previously mentioned Seiji combined with Bikini Kill's Kathleen Hanna, but smoother than both and still as expressive.  The other members of Screaming Females lay down a solid rhythm to her leads with the bassist sounding sort of like Lou Barlow (Screaming Females is basically a much, much, much better version of the later-era Dinosaur Jr).  Buy all of their stuff here.