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Gland Dropout

On June 13th, I went to see Gland and Dumplings at Howlers. Brazilian Wax was supposed to play, but one of the members had car trouble. Another band, Aloe, was then going to play but also had some issues. I didn't even know Brazilian Wax had dropped when I saw that Aloe had dropped, so I was pretty confused. Luckily, Scott Fry Experience agreed to play, and everything was saved! I didn't get to see Scott Fry, because I got there late.

Dumplings played first. It was a very solid set. Jon's guitar sounded super good, and the audience was super into all of the songs! This is maybe the best set I have seen Dumplings play, but they are always awesome!

Gland, from New Orleans, was next and last. They had a very tough look, reminding me of maybe like L7 combined with a Bufu Records band. Combining Babes in Toyland-esque riot grrl with a sort of Mötley Crüe attitude, Gland was super loud and rocking. They were maybe a little too loud. It was very energetic though, and the songs were good! Check out that awesome bat on the bass too!

And that was it. Gland was super nice, and I got a shirt and their 7" record, Is A Conspiracy. Then I helped Dumplings load some gear into their car, and I went home. It was a quick night, maybe a little too quick, but that couldn't really be helped with the lineup confusion. I wish I didn't miss Scott Fry, especially because his band is composed a little differently these days. I'm sure I'll get to see the at another show, and I hope Gland comes back sometime soon too.