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Until Everyone's Free Benefit

Over the weekend, on June 11th, Sorry I'm Dead played a benefit for political prisoners. It was at a place that I have never been before called Goathouse. It was a house with goats. The goats were cute. Here is a goat.

Since this was a show, there were bands, three others besides my own. Just like the house, I was unfamiliar with the other bands. Two of the bands, SAP and Haz Lo Correcto, were on tour, and Thief In Your Head was from Pittsburgh. Sorry I'm Dead was up first, so we set up in the gross basement.

Our set was pretty good. It was a little goofy, because there was no microphone stand; we almost attached the mic to a vacuum! Thief In Your Head let us use their cymbal stand instead. We did some of the faster songs, including a new song called "John Wayne Is Dead". There wasn't a lot of room to move, so there were not any cool rock moves, and it was hard to look at my lyrics sheets, which I usually do right before each song. I still think it went okay; it was a furious and energetic set. We received many compliments, but we were way different than the other bands.

Thief In Your Head is a wild band, so cool! They combine elements of noise rock, black metal, and hardcore; it's much more unique than it sounds like it would be. The songs were pretty complicated with interesting parts and a lot of dynamics. The guitarist/bassist sounded like Sonic Youth at times! The entire band was really on it, and the vocalist was super fun to watch. They said they didn't have any other shows coming up soon, but you should definitely watch for this band!

SAP is a queercore band from Kent, Ohio. The band members all had a unique look; unfortunately, I did not get a good picture of the drummer. Their songs were political, topics ranging from Tamir Rice to gaslighting and environmental issues. The microphone, which was screwed up since the beginning, really started to short out for SAP until the guitarist from Thief In Your Head found some tape, and the show could go on. They played super fast. The guitar had a cool fuzz-tone, the drums sounded kinda thumpy, and the bass was really solid. It was a little like Hüsker Dü with a fiercer singer, really cool stuff!

Haz Lo Correcto, from Philly, played last. I couldn't get into this band at first. The guitar and bass were pretty muddy, and the snare drum was super tight, with no breathing room. Towards the end, the bass and guitar seemed to clean up a bit, so Haz Lo Correcto's set still turned out pretty good. The vocalist was really cool. It was cool to hear a song about Narcan and not abandoning people with opiate problems. Though I have never used any drugs myself, I am not at all unfamiliar with the awfulness that heroin and painkillers bring to people's lives. The last song they played was also awesome. It wasn't as loud/fast, with some cool Stooges/Velvets drones. Haz Lo Correcto's set definitiely wasn't perfect, but it ended on a high note.

I don't know how much money was raised. Unfortunately, there were not a ton of people at this show. It wasn't super sparse either though. As is usual, the really good shows are not well attended, but this was a new venue as far as I know, and it was a little out of the way for a lot of people. It was definitely a fun night with much camaraderie.