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BBGuns - "Dreamcast" and "Willow" singles reviews

"Dreamcast" is the first single from the upcoming BBGuns album, Thirst. Previously known as LAZYBLACKMAN, the duo of Lazy JP and Barz Blackman decided to ditch edgelord rhetoric after the surge in hate crimes and right-wing power last year. This single was released on October 27th, 2017. The song, accompanied by the video of two punky boys jiggin' about after "BBGUNS" angularly flashes on the screen in bright pink, caught my attention right away with it's fast hats and fusion keyboards. It recalls the early 90's OVA anime style of many Sega Saturn games, particularly the legendary NiGHTS Into Dreams, as opposed to the Saturn's stark white successor as named here. I love this night sound, like anything could happen as the city opens around you under a shining moon. "Identify you from across the bar. I recognize you from another star," JP croons like the ditched and dirty Neil Young of "Like a Hurricane". There's some awesome rapping from Barz on this track with JP supplying more of the chorus singing. My only criticism is that it's a bit long, clocking in at slightly over 5 minutes and showing everything it has to share in the first half. Also the cover for the single is a little cheap looking, but it has a weird resemblence to the early Satyr/Elfheim EP, Till Death.

The second single, "Willow", was released on December 12th, 2017. The beginning is a little bit goofy to me with a little yelp making a beat. However, the song really develops soon after with oceanic keyboard ripples, an airy JP chorus, and hard-hitting rhymes from Barz. "Willow" is about longing, hopes, and dreams, maybe a love song dedicated to a pretty girl or a battle-hymn to fame and fortune. It definitely retains their signature Britpop-meets-boom bap. The video is cool, but weird, entirely minimalist and reminding me of Pixies' "Velouria" (but not as ugly) or The Replacements' "Bastards of Young" (but not as grainy and detached). All we see is a pulsing water droplet with a fire inside surrounded by a desert, BBGuns' logo. It reminds me of the Spring of Myst from .hack/Infection along with the aesthetic of PS2 RPGs or the Sega Dreamcast again. There is some grainy, "we-don't-get-that-channel" effect at the start and finish. "Willow" is a beautiful song honestly.

Obviously both of these tracks get a Good from me. I am so pumped for the release of Thirst. If it's anything like BBGuns' live show and the two tracks already available, Thirst seems like it could be a revolutionary recording for a new era of sound and vision. The album is set to drop this February. If you want something to take home now, you can get the two singles above on Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, and other digital services now. I can't wait to hear the whole album; just like these singles made my Best of 2017 list, it's looking like Thirst will be make it into the Best of 2018. I feel that strongly about it only 3 days into the year.