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THOUSANDZZ OF BEEZ - "my new wall" album review

If you are reading this post right now, on the day it was published, January 10th, sorry for the mess. I've been working on the site design for Skull Valley all of yesterday. I'm still fixing some small problems today, so it doesn't look the best right now.

Anyway, I recently heard about a new compilation of outtakes put out by THOUSANDZZ OF BEEZ called my new wall. I have enjoyed Hunter's musick live, so I figured it might be cool to check out the album. I was not disappointed.

The cover art of my new wall shows a rough and ghostly face, duplicated vertically, noses into lips and morphing into nooks of eyes and cheeks. I like it, though I still wish there was something more to it. The dark purple form fits the sound of the album well, especially the intro track.

The first track on "my new wall" is the title track. I thought it was really annoying, sort of creepy with it's frog vox drone crackling, until the latter half of the song when it springs into a Bowie-esque sound akin to something from Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps). "blood is blue :: sky is bound" comes in right off the first one with a small big acoustic sound from a spider's dream.
The third track, "sunshine tomb", has vivid, cold imagery. It seems directed at somebody. I don't kneo who. The end gives me chills. "blocks" is fun, a song about childhood things that turns into an educational synth sound. "hole in a skirt" has more insect lyrics and a beautiful starshine sound of echo waves. The phantom of a radio appears at the end.

The next track, "steely feet", takes a very different turn. I'm not sure how to describe it. It's hypnotic and kind of scary, like a staircase rotating, folding into itself, a hall of mirrors of musicbox dancers in black stockings. "draft letter nightmare" reminds me again of David Bowie or Syd Barrett with more insect mysticism. At first, I thought it might be like a delta blues type of thing, but it wasn't. "((in throw))" has a Devendra Banhart sound with a warbly synth, strings, and drum machine. I like the loud sound at the end. "witch sides" goes back to acoustic dreamworlds with a small rattling bell and backing vocals. Again, it's a little overwhelming for me. "You side with the witch". ""look inside me plz"" is the last track and more conventional except for the quotes around the song title which creates this quotation nightmare I'm having. The actual musick is like an upbeat downer, Harry Belafonte and Robert Johnson.

my new wall gets a Good. It's hard for me to describe all of the feelings that I got from this album. It's a short glimpse into an otherworld, pale blue and dark green and gossamer wings.