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A Bunch of Weird Names

On Sunday, February 25th, I went to see a show at Howlers that some friends were playing. All the bands had weird names. I didn't know one of the bands, Saajtak, at all. Mortis changes their sound all the time. Thousandzz of Beez is pretty consistent, even though I swear the first time I saw them it was totally different. Let's go!

Thousandzz of Beez was first. Hunter played a good set that seemed especially mesmerizing. I was glued to the musick. I liked that some of it was more guitar-focused while other songs were more pre-recorded backing tracks of ghostly somethings. Thousandzz of Beez is basically always good stuff.

Mortis was pretty good. They did some cool free jazz kind of stuff, all drums and horns. Unlike the other shows I've seen them do, there weren't any weird tricks - no flying plush toys or other gags. It was just straightforward, seemingly improvised jams. With a bit more, another permanent instrument or something, this would be really awesome.

I didn't like Saajtak too much. They used synths, bass, drums, and vocals to make musick you might dance slowly to. Some of the songs were really cool with musical scenes of floating thru a crystal something structure. Mostly, the songs went on too long though, and I am not a huge fan of the kind of the glissando-filled R&B singing style used.

The show was fairly short and pretty pleasant. I got to catch up with a few friends, and I felt very good when I went home. I really don't have much else to say. Sometimes stuff is just fine, and that's it. See you next time.