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Outside In(fluence): Cactus Gamarra - "Inexitencia Absoluta y Cuatro Dimensiones"

Inexitencia Absoluta y Cuatro Dimensiones is an album that came out in the last two weeks from Ecuadoran band, Cactus Gamarra. They are a four-piece rock/post-punk band from Guayaquil, the largest city in Ecuador. I'm not sure what the name of the band means, but it made me think of the monster Gamera. I don't think it's related at all. Even if I can't understand Spanish, Cactus Gamarra is a good choice for this series, since they have a lot of instrumental tracks

The cover art to Inexitencia Absoluta y Cuatro Dimensiones is a green cube that almost pops out of the screen. I do wish there was some text or something beyond that cube. Anyway, I love the design, and that sharp green is perfect. I can hear it in all the songs on this album.

"Apertura" is the first track, a spooky ambient time. It sets the tone for the rest. The next track, "Pérdima", sounds like the pillows, famous for the anime FLCL. It's also comparable to a 21st-century Beatles. It's the soundtrack to watching stars at night. "Elevador" sounds like something coming thru a radio. The somber bass reminds me of The Good, the Bad, the Queen, but the song gets into some more energy action later with a flaring solo, space sounds, and flangering. "Figura Imposible" is more garage-y and surfy than the previous tracks, and it comes in with a sort of de-tuning synth. It reminds me heavily of The Ventures, who I love, but that keyboard provides a strong counter to the guitar. "Eterno (Igual que tú)" seems like a love song. Google tells me it translates to "Eternal (Like You)". I can hear it. It's a very cinematic piece. "Silencio 1" is nothing followed by white noise and some thumping somewhere in the hills into a feedback loop. I love when artists throw the audience for a loop every now and then. I also love hearing the spaces between the musick, so this was divine. The album ends with "Matador", much more a dance track than others. Unlike a lot of dance stuff, I really like this track. There are some really cool textures, Pac-Man-esque sounds, and clacking drums.

Inexitencia Absoluta y Cuatro Dimensiones is awesome. It's one of my favorite albums I have heard this year. It's not a long album; it's the perfect length. The production is clean and not-overblown. There is a clear, crispness to the tones of these songs, a beauty you might find at night somewhere gazing up at the sky. The stars fall, and Inexitencia Absoluta y Cuatro Dimensiones receives a Good. Thank you, Cactus Gamarra. It's a very beautiful album.