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The Forbidden Zone

The Forbidden Zone was a strange play/variety show involving a lot of people that I know.  It was similar to the Experimental Variety Show from last year and was also put on by the Rogue Messengers Union.

The main story involved Lulu, played by North Star, who is trying to catch a fairy/angel looking being; a bunch of weird events end up happening around her.  These events were apparently hampered by many technical difficulties the first day of the show, but on the second day, February 19th, most everything was going smoothly.

Sigh Meltingstar gave a TED Talk about memories/computer data functioning as eternal life/heaven and eventually brought back Princess Diana (Gunner), Darrell Workman did a satirical impression of a preacher with an electrical generator, Seth LeDonne sang hymns and explained art with humorous overhead drawings, and Marlon did an amazing set of heavy drum/keyboard music with a creepy mask.

During intermissions there were dancers with glowing hula hoops.  There was also a post-rock band, an interesting anti-capitalist metaphor with a girl walking over trees with symbols of our current society strapped to her, and video collages from old movies.

At the end stuffed animals fell all over the floor, everybody took a bow, and some sort of ending was explained with a moral or something.  The theme of the play was something like "Are computers alive?" or "What does it mean to be living?" or "Do androids dream of electric sheep?".  Hopefully another transmission from the Rogue Messengers Union will be coming in through the spaceways soon.