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Tiny December

December was a not as super busy as other months: I only saw two shows other than the ones already mentioned.

On December 5th Dire Wolves played their "last show."  I missed a lot of it, but I saw Stefano Pilia play a Noveller-esque set first which was really cool.  He used a bow and did lots of guitar drones.  Next Dire Wolves played a folk singalong set which was weird, possibly caused by unpreparedness (though this doesn't seem right either).  My friend Daphne played trumpet with them.  It was interesting, though unlike the sludge/noise/doom band I saw at Belvedere's opening for Lightning Bolt the year before; anyway, I think everybody had fun.

The other show was on December 7th at Fe Gallery, a new space that I think had only had one other show.  First D.S. Miller played a drone guitar set with computer loops.  He was alright, but went a little too long.  Next Ryley Walker played an amazing Dylan-ish folk set.  He was very, very quiet, his set is possibly the quietest recording I've made of a live show, but he was awesome.  I loved his songs.  White Reeves did some cool percussive space sounds.  It was a great set that was almost too long, but turned out fine.  Last was Quick Sails who did some similar stuff, sounding like an orbiting tribal kitchen.  The close quarters of Fe Gallery made the show very intimate, though audience members seemed to be coming and going all the time, but never exceeding ten.  There was also a great similarity to the first Roup show with Ryley Walker replacing Andrew Weathers, Quick Sails sort of replacing Quilt, and White Reeves replacing White Reeves.

Here's some audio.