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William Bennett/Cut Hands

William Bennett seems like a cool guy, but I don't like Whitehouse a whole lot; the vocals are too direct for me.  Cut Hands is a different story.

The awesome Trogpite, Nick Painter, played first at Cut Hands' show at The Shop on February 21st.  Fog covered the room as he started.  Trogpite used the best pedal ever, the MVP of Satyr/Elfheim, the DOD Echo FX 96, to help create his set of a pulse with slithery sounds surrounding from the outside.  It was like living in a freezer in the Lower East Side of 1983.  Transmissions from the edge of the night.

Next TM Eye played, but I didn't know he was playing until the very end.  I liked the last stuff he did which reminded me of Can, but the rest was just DJing it seems.

William Bennett took to the stage with a big video flashing the words "Cut Hands".  There was a robotic announcement questioning our culture and the video changed to images of the underdeveloped areas of Africa and the people, children and adults who live there.  Cut Hands' set was made up of samples of African drums and other instruments from the cultures native to those areas combined with electronic drones.  His beats ventured into the freeform, not always matching up to what had come before.  The music, the darkness, and the imagery all bordered on the macabre and made quite a statement, it was also unlike anything I had seen or heard before.  It was all good because I had went into the show wondering why this was so important, but afterwards came to realize why.
If you get a chance to see Cut Hands definitely do it.  Like Kony 2012 without the savior complex.
Buy the Cut Hands album here.