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Schedule and News for 2018

Welcome to the future of 2018! Well, yeah it's been almost two weeks in this future world, but I have some new stuff happening this year.

Now the most obvious change is the new site design. That's just gone up in the past few days. I'm pretty happy with the new template, though I will continue to update it as I see fit.

I've added a new anti-adblocker script. I know this isn't a thing people love, but it does cost money and time to keep the site up and every little bit of extra cash helps. The ad revenue is pretty small too, which is why I am also launching a new Patreon next week. Patreon is a monthly membership platform to provide creators with sustainable income. I hope that one day Skull Valley can be my full-time job, and this will be the way I can do that. When the Patreon launches, you can choose, if you so desire, to support the site with whatever you see fit each month. Certain amounts confer small rewards. Skull Valley isn't becoming a subscription-based site though, so it isn't a requirement.

Another new addition is also a new Submissions page. Last year, someone asked me where they should send something they wanted to see reviewed. I said that the email address was on here, but I think this is better. It's easy to find and insert all the necessary information. If you have any new musick that you want to see here, fill out that form, and I'll try to get a review up if I feel that I can do a fair review. Show yr friends who have bands too.

Alright, now the schedule for 2018 is to update Skull Valley on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I may publish additional posts, but these are the standard update days. Most posts should go up during the afternoon between 11am and 3pm, but some days may be delayed. Friday posts will tend towards concert reviews, while the other days will mostly be reviews of recorded musick and not always from Pittsburgh-based artists. This schedule will vary depending on the number of concerts/shows I attend. Additional special posts are detailed below.

Every other Saturday is a new piece called Outside In(fluence). These are just album/EP/singles reviews, but they all come from artists located outside the US. I probably can't understand the lyrics, so these will primarily be based on the instrumentals and the vocal sounds. I'm sure this could be funny for people that do speak the languages used. The first Outside In(fluence) goes up this Saturday with Dirty Fingers' How'd I Turn So Bad?.

I also have a new monthly series planned that will look at artists who create musick in addition to other art. The Artist Special interview series will be published on the third Sunday of each month. The first one goes up on the 21st of January.

The goals for this year are to stay consistent, expand my focus beyond just Pittsburgh, increase the number of followers/Facebook likes/readers, and to improve the quality of the website. Remember that I can't do this without my readers. Thank you!