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Shameover - Shameover Demo review

I got the Shameover Demo tape from the band after the show with them at Dreamhouse. Shameover is a pop-punk band from Vancouver. Surprisingly, I was so happy with their set, that I bought a tape, and I was very excited to listen to the tape. It did not disappoint me, for the most part.

The first song on the tape, "Already Gone" is the song that stood out the most at the show. It is a poppy song of maybe like a failed relationship. The chorus and chord progression and lead parts create a nice hook. It reminds me of Hüsker Dü or the Replacements. I was going to try to connect the two by saying something like, "the Twin Cities aren't far from Vancouver", but they actually are very far away. The next track, "Cougar", is a little faster and also deals with some kind of relationship. It's a little more mysterious, though it does make me think of probably exactly what you are thinking of when you read that title, not the animal, but turned on its head a bit. "Bruise" has a really great melody to it; it actually reminds me a bit of a Tiger Army song. The song's lyrics make me feel unwell; it makes me think of how poorly people treat each other too often. Combined with my recent re-watching of Trigun, it makes me sad.

"Keremeos" is the start of the second half. It's another relationship song, and it's also catchy. The protagonist of the song seems to have a "fuck it" kind of strength to them. Keremeos is a mountain town in British Columbia, Canada. "It's Not Yrs" has a snotty sing-along chorus. The people have the power against the money lords, if they work together. It's great. "No Magic" creeps in at the end, an ending song for real. "There must be no such thing as magic". It reminds me of La Sera or Vivian Girls. This song is a sunset in sound.

The Shameover Demo tape is poppier than their live show; I suppose that's to be expected. The songs recall early Green Day, the Ramones, or previously-mentioned Minnesota bands combined with the more recent lo-fi fury of Vivian Girls or even The Beets. I enjoyed the songs, though they get a bit samey by the end. Thankfully, this is a fairly short release, clocking in at under 15 minutes. The production is adequate; I don't mind the demo sound, but the drums are a little too thumpy, the bass needs a small boost, and the rest has slightly too much treble; this is a demo after all. Overall, the tape works with the sum of its parts, so I'll give it a Good. I'm excited to see what the future hold for Shameover.